November 15, 2008

Up the Canyon

So I finally decided it was time to take the Jeep off-road. Martin has been wanting to go since we got it, but me on the other hand just didn't want to get that first scratch in it. So we rounded up some friends and off we went up the Canyon. The kids had a great time. The Jeep stayed fairly clean and we were able to keep it scratch free. Madison took his dune buggy that he built and tested that out. All in all it was a good day spent with family and friends.


Corbie said...

Pictures of Jeeps and country music playing in the background - my kind of post :) So you are actually supposed to take those things off-road? Who knew? I use ours like it is the family SUV.

Co-chillin with the Roths said...

you're extreme. there is no way I would take my 4-wheel vehicle off-road! heaven forbid if it got a scratch. ha

Melanie said...

Corbie, I thought I could get you out there with us. The kids love it and it would still be used as a family SUV, just through the mud. It bet it is less hectic out on the dirt roads then in the Waterford parking lot.
Taralee, your cars are always perfect and shining. I wouldn't let you take yours off road, you could just ride with us. I know Chris would like it.

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Snow Angels