October 9, 2008

The latest on Karting

Hannah and Madelyn on the front row.

At the last kart race, Madelyn got to race against her best friend at the track. They had so much fun together. Hannah , her friend, stayed in the motorhome with us at the track.

Madelyn making her move.

Job Done!! She just passed Hannah's brother. Watch out Dan!!

Madison has taken over my helmet. He thinks it is so cool to wear my pink helmet. Makes it easy to spot him on the track. Now I must go buy myself a new one, I really liked that one.

McKay in is new Birel kart. He is doing so good in it! There is fire in his eyes. Go Team Birel!

And the party begins!! That is until Martin has had enough noise and kills the power. The kids are use to this by now. Rock on!!


chris said...

Melanie, I hope it's okay that I "found" your blog via your comment on Corbie's a couple of weeks ago. It's nice to learn more about your family. You all really live life, and I enjoyed your post on McKay.

your lurking friend - Chris

Melanie said...

Thanks Chris. Atleast this way we can both keep up with each others familys. Life is just so busy it is hard to make plans to get together. I will stay updated with your blog, it is great.

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