October 22, 2008

Ladies First

Ahhh! I can now breathe. The 2008 Season is over. I had a great year and finished 2nd in the Championship. Martin on the other hand had a rough year. He finished well when he finished. Taking anywhere from 1st to 5th place out of about 35 cars. But when he didn't finish he went out with a bang. We aren't talking a small bang, more like an explosion. This didn't do well for my psyche when I would come around a turn and see my husbands car in pieces. Thankfully he was able to walk away from all the crashes. All our bad luck is behind us and we will do better next year.

I had to post this picture because I love how I am in front of him. It is rare for me to be in front of my husband and I usually don't stay there long because I end up driving, staring in my mirrors and make some foolish mistake. He then passes me and never looks back. This is the difference between a husband and a wife. The wife feels bad and worries about the husband, and the husband takes off and doesn't know where his wife is or really care during that moment.

So, as I took the stage to accept my 2nd place year end trophy, being the only female on the track I had to ask the men a question. "What ever happened to the days of ladies first?"

The men I race against make me earn everything out there on the track, including my husband!


Corbie said...

Wow! A whole new look to the blog! Cute, cute, cute. So, I absolutely love this picture and your post. It is an amazing picture and, like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words but you nailed it when you described the difference between men and women.

And Mel, you're sexy...that's all can say. Totally sexy :)

Chris said...

Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Championship! Very cool.

Your family would truly make an interesting reality show. I think you need to blog more about the unique dynamics in your marriage and family life. People would be fascinated. Not too many mothers can write, "... when I would come around a turn and see my husbands car in pieces."

You have lots of interesting material Missy. Your pink car's adorable.

Melanie said...

Corbie..Thanks for the comment. The only reason I am sexy is the friends I hang out with. All of you guys. Also I would have given you a nice little slap the other day but not so sure what Mrs. Neal would have done. Ha Ha!

Melanie said...

Chris..Funny that you say we would make a great reality show. Wife Swap contacted me and was looking for a female race car driver to do the whole wife swap thing. We (Martin and I) never considered it. The kids on the other hand we begging us to do it. Too funny!!

Molly said...

I should copy this picture and make it Martin's screensaver one morning :) LOL....

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