October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Okay, I am starting to get behind. I have just been way too busy. But here goes a quick minute to post a few pics. Any day in our house when Hannah Montana is on the tv or radio is a good day. Madelyn and McKenzie live, eat and breathe Hannah. So of course they had to be Hannah for Halloween. Not only did they dress up like Hannah and want their pictures taken. They performed like Hannah for the camera. The singing with a fake microphone and the dance moves they came up with were pretty entertaining.
The boys found old costumes in the basement and did their own costume designs so they were pretty easy this year. McKay decided to take off and go trick or treating on his own. His reason being "I can cover more houses on my own and faster, this amounting to more candy." And yes, a pillowcase full of candy is what he came home with. He still has the pillowcase in his room half full and nibbles on the good pieces here and there.

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Kassie said...

They look so cute! They didn't talk you into dressing up with them?!

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Snow Angels