October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Okay, I am starting to get behind. I have just been way too busy. But here goes a quick minute to post a few pics. Any day in our house when Hannah Montana is on the tv or radio is a good day. Madelyn and McKenzie live, eat and breathe Hannah. So of course they had to be Hannah for Halloween. Not only did they dress up like Hannah and want their pictures taken. They performed like Hannah for the camera. The singing with a fake microphone and the dance moves they came up with were pretty entertaining.
The boys found old costumes in the basement and did their own costume designs so they were pretty easy this year. McKay decided to take off and go trick or treating on his own. His reason being "I can cover more houses on my own and faster, this amounting to more candy." And yes, a pillowcase full of candy is what he came home with. He still has the pillowcase in his room half full and nibbles on the good pieces here and there.

October 22, 2008

Ladies First

Ahhh! I can now breathe. The 2008 Season is over. I had a great year and finished 2nd in the Championship. Martin on the other hand had a rough year. He finished well when he finished. Taking anywhere from 1st to 5th place out of about 35 cars. But when he didn't finish he went out with a bang. We aren't talking a small bang, more like an explosion. This didn't do well for my psyche when I would come around a turn and see my husbands car in pieces. Thankfully he was able to walk away from all the crashes. All our bad luck is behind us and we will do better next year.

I had to post this picture because I love how I am in front of him. It is rare for me to be in front of my husband and I usually don't stay there long because I end up driving, staring in my mirrors and make some foolish mistake. He then passes me and never looks back. This is the difference between a husband and a wife. The wife feels bad and worries about the husband, and the husband takes off and doesn't know where his wife is or really care during that moment.

So, as I took the stage to accept my 2nd place year end trophy, being the only female on the track I had to ask the men a question. "What ever happened to the days of ladies first?"

The men I race against make me earn everything out there on the track, including my husband!

October 18, 2008

Not very lady like!

I came across this picture of a friend of mine that races in another series. It is well known that female race car drivers are a little more emotional. These emotions are expressed in different ways, but most of us ladies try to hide our feelings. Most only let our crew know what we are feeling or should I say thinking about the other drivers on the track. For this young lady she wanted everyone to know how she was feeling about this driver and so she made it seen. Or I should say a SCENE, on the front straight away where all the people could see. If you frequent the track you may have had these same feelings about this car on the track. But let it be said that although this may not be lady like at least she is not one to hide how she feels about you. With much love this picture is posted as a tribute to my friend, who shall remain nameless.

October 12, 2008

McKenzie's School Day

McKenzie was so excited to start school this year. She wants to be just like her sister, so going to school is a step in the right direction. (Maddie loves school) The first day of school I get her all dressed up in her school uniform. (Thank god, they go to a private school and have to wear uniforms or it would take my girls hours in the morning to try and figure out what they want to wear. Uniforms leave them with no choice.) McKenzie's uniform is the smallest they make but she drowns in it and it nearly drags on the floor when she walks. It really is so cute! Anyway, I take her in and get her settled. No tears nothing, just wants a big hug and kiss and tells me to be on my way. I am so sad, my baby is off to school and she doesn't even care that I am going to be all alone for the next 3 hours. She is ready to go learn. (So I think.)
I pick her up a couple hours later (with a treat in hand, of course) and start quizzing her on what she did at school. Her first comment is "We didn't paint." She really likes to paint. But her second comment is "We played with play dough!" That's the next best thing to painting. Then she tells me about the books they read and the songs they sang. Then to my surprise, she is quite proud to tell me "She sat by the boys!" How can this sweet little innocent girl in the picture above even think about the gender in which she is sitting by? The tone of her voice when she so proudly confessed this to me, knowing how much it would bother me. I haven't slept in weeks, I have been up searching the Internet for the best "all girl school" around!

October 9, 2008


This picture of McKay explains it all. The kid doesn't have a serious bone in his body. He is always laughing, telling jokes, and goofing off. (I feel for his school teacher.) Once we had to meet with the Dean at school, McKay would crawl under the drinking fountain and unplug and plug it in so the water would bounce up and spray the people in the face. He didn't just do this to students but all who used the fountain. At the meeting, it was really hard to keep from laughing, so I asked the teacher if "she had ever considered that he was learning about electricity." That didn't go over so well.

In today's tough world, if you can get through your days with a smile on your face, than more power to you. I wish my life was as carefree as his.

Go McKay!!

The latest on Karting

Hannah and Madelyn on the front row.

At the last kart race, Madelyn got to race against her best friend at the track. They had so much fun together. Hannah , her friend, stayed in the motorhome with us at the track.

Madelyn making her move.

Job Done!! She just passed Hannah's brother. Watch out Dan!!

Madison has taken over my helmet. He thinks it is so cool to wear my pink helmet. Makes it easy to spot him on the track. Now I must go buy myself a new one, I really liked that one.

McKay in is new Birel kart. He is doing so good in it! There is fire in his eyes. Go Team Birel!

And the party begins!! That is until Martin has had enough noise and kills the power. The kids are use to this by now. Rock on!!

Snow Angels

Snow Angels