September 25, 2008

World's Most Expensive Dog

Just because I can't sleep tonight, I thought I would let everyone meet our wonderful dog. Her name is Missy. Martin decided to surprise us at Christmas 3 years ago and bring home a dog. His friend is a vet, so after talking to him about what would make a good family dog, Martin chose a black lab. (You see I had a dog for 12 years. She was my baby, I had her before we even got married.) She died the Christmas prior to Martin's big surprise. Martin thought this would be a wonderful gift since we all missed Ginger. Even with all the kids running around, our home just didn't feel complete without a dog. So we welcomed Missy into the family. The kids just loved her. McKay even went to dog obedience class with me so we could get her trained. Well, when that didn't work, we hired a trainer to come to the house and train Missy. Missy caught on well and does many things really good. She is my best running partner. BUT!! Missy never grasped the concept of not chewing on things that didn't belong to her. And after three years Missy has chewed a lot of things. So you ask..what makes Missy the world's most expensive dog? 3 hot tub covers, 2 pool pumps, 6 sets of cushions from my patio furniture, 4 chairs, 2 ceramic outdoor lamps, 6 hoses, numerous pool toys (too many to count), most of the kids sandbox items, the cushion around the trampoline, and countless shoes. I am sure that I am missing some items but that is what makes Missy the world's most expensive dog. The trainer tells me that unless I can sit and watch her all day long and catch her in the act there is no way to get her to quit. Like I have time for that. So you now ask...why do we still have her? She is a part of our family, my kids act up but I wouldn't give them away. We have built a separate area in the backyard that she stays in unless we are outside with her. She never chews in front of us, it is only when we have our backs turned. Now that you have meet our dog, the next time you come over, don't leave your things laying around.


Corbie said...

We have two of these little chewers and we don't see any signs of them quittig either. Double the 'pleasure', I suppose - I can totally relate!

Melanie said...

Well if you want a third, I may consider letting you adopt her. We were thinking if we had two they would chew on each other and not on things. I guess this isn't so.

chris said...

Melanie Snow! I didn't know you had a blog - that's great! I can't wait to read more and catch up...if you don't mind.

I obviously found your link through Corbie.

Our dog Mary doesn't chew like Missy, but she gives me stress in other ways. I sympathize.

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