September 15, 2008

Big Red Jeep

Let's face it, the older we get the more we want things around us that make us feel young. So for my birthday Martin bought me a Jeep. I couldn't just have a stock jeep, we had to lift it, put big tires on it, nice shiny wheels and beefy bumpers with a winch. (this will help with the young feeling) I really wanted a convertible to drive around in with my hair blowing in the wind and the music blasting. I just love it!! And, I feel young when I am driving it. Madelyn and McKenzie have their own jeep so we took a picture of our jeeps together. I feel like I am 18 again, I hope this feeling lasts a long time.


Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so wonderful that you guys have a blog! I had no idea! We'll be frequent readers :) Happy Birthday! You lucky woman to get such a fabulous gift!!! Your family is as cute as ever! Your kids are darling! Seriously! We'd love to get together with you guys again. Congrats on all the race track happenings! I love that you race and I love even more that you're great at it!

Corbie said...

How did I not know about this blog? I knew about the Jeep but not the blog! The Jeep is fabulous and you make it even sexier. Now that I know where to find you, watch out - I'm a blog stalker!

Love your guts!

Melanie said...

Corbie, I have been stalking your blog forever, so I know what your all about!! Your blog keeps for totally entertained. And yes, I guess I should have told you about this blog but I have been holding back. I can't live up to the excitement of yours.

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