June 20, 2008

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of those trips that you want to stay on forever. It is so much fun and a great family trip to take. This year we went with the Yate's. We had the best time, the kids tried new things, the water was great and the company we were with was the best. McKay decided he was going to join the ranks of the cliff jumpers at Powell, so here he is jumping off a 30 foot cliff. The entire trip was filled with adventures like this.

June 15, 2008

Miller get together.

I have been instructing at the race track this year. Miller Motorsports Park is a fun place to work. Not only do we have fun on the track but it is a great group of people to work with off the track. We had a BBQ at our house for us to get together away from the track. These are some of the crazy people I get to hang out with.

June 12, 2008

McKenzie and the camera.

McKenzie loves being in front of the camera. This is good news for me because anyone that knows me knows that I am aways taking pictures. Here she is outback getting ready to go swimming. But before she jumps in we must have a photo shoot. She tilts her head, adjust her hat and wiggles her hips just right for each picture. Then she wants to see herself in the view finder afterwards. She is so much fun and pretty cute too!!

June 7, 2008

Formula 1

Wow, it is hard to describe how it feels to be on an F1 track with the best of the best. Martin and I both did pretty well. Martin placed 3rd on Saturday and had a fender bender on Sunday and didn't get to finish the race. I placed 3rd both days and just loved standing on an F1 podium. This is one of those experiences I will remember forever.

June 5, 2008

McKay's Mohawk

McKay decided that he was going to let his hair grow during the school year. He wanted it to grow so that he could get a Mohawk. So the week school let out my mom took him down and got him a haircut. (I was out of town) I am not sure I ever really approved of this style, but it isn't permanent so what could it hurt. He loved it, but did say it took a lot of time to do in the morning.

June 2, 2008

McKenzie and Ellie

McKenzie doesn't do anything without Ellie. Her and Ellie are best friends. Not only do they sleep, play and hangout together, but she has actual conversations with Ellie. McKenzie and Ellie like to rub noses with each other. Ellie is very special in our house and everyone knows it. The boys are so good to make sure McKenzie has Ellie every night before bed. It is a special bond.

Snow Angels

Snow Angels