April 24, 2008

Scottsdale Girls Trip

In April a bunch of moms from school got together and went on a trip to Arizona. It was so much fun. I got a much needed break from the kids and developed some stronger bonds with the other moms. I can't wait to plan another one.

April 16, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Okay I know that saying is so typical but it is also so true. They are always getting hurt, dirty or just creating lots of havoc. Madison found himself into some trouble when he got his teeth knocked out at the kart track. You would think he crashed or something, but no. The kids at the track were all screwing around and Madison happened to come into contact with the end of a skateboard as it went flying through the air. We have had his teeth fixed three times since but they say until he is 18 there is nothing permanet they can do. He looks like a total "Hick." By the way isn't this a flattering picture of him!!

Snow Angels

Snow Angels