September 29, 2007

Racing is a family affair

We always said that racing was a family affair. This picture proves it. When Martin won his race out at Miller Motorsports Park the entire family joined him on the podium.

Madelyn's 6th Birthday

Madelyn had so mcuh fun with her friends at her party. It was a party meant for Princess'. They all had their hair and make-up done, put on princess dresses and danced around on stage.

Madison's latest invention "Hovercraft"

Madison is just like his dad, always has to stay busy. His latest busy work was inventing a hovercraft. It worked pretty good until he wore a hole in the bottom of it.


McKay getting ready to get someone wet at Boondocks. This is his favorite place to hang out.

Snow Kids

This is a place to come catch up with our family and watch the kids grow up. We will keep you up to date with the events that take place in our busy little world.

Snow Angels

Snow Angels